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SAFE FITNESS – Injury prevention and quick recovery

An EXOmassage ™ can be especially beneficial for all sportsmen and people who do fitness and workout.

Reduction of muscle pain:

during exercise, there is a load on the muscles, which leads to muscle pain, cramps and chronic stress. Exomassage ™ workouts help to relieve this pain and relieve tension.

Improvement of blood circulation:

EXOmassage ™ non-contact massage stimulates blood circulation and allows the muscles to receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Keep your muscles fit:

EXOmassage ™ contactless massage can be used for different muscle groups to maintain their tone and elasticity.

Improving overall health:

Regular EXOmassage ™ treatments help to reduce stress, improve mood and increase energy levels.

EXOmassage ™ passive training is an effective method of rapid recovery of injuries by accelerating metabolic processes and tissue regeneration, EXOmassage ™ procedures contribute to reducing the size of scars and keloid tissue after operations or bruises with open wounds.

You can register for a free trial session in Zurich via this link:

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